Olivier Lauret

Experienced Splunk Consultant and Co-Founder

Olivier's picture
  • Over 6 years Splunk Experience
  • Entreprise Security Expert
  • Splunk PS Consultant
  • Splunk Education Trainer

We Are Octamis

The big data Consultancy Company

Olivier is a Splunk Certified Architect offering services around Splunk and big data. I am not here to push the software to you but to ensure that the software is here to help you. I love to leverage cutting-edge technologies to quickly and efficiently deliver high level services.

Work Experience

  • Splunk Experience

    Over 6 years experience in Splunk as a consultant

  • SOC experience

    Worked almost a year in a SOC helping architecting and optimise the use of Splunk

  • Splunk Education Instructor

    Part time Official Splunk Education trainer for more than 2 years

My Skills

Splunk core
Dashboard implementation


Admin certification
Architect Certification
Power User
Splunk Support Engineer